UCI Forum Series addresses ‘COVID-19: Where We Are & What to Expect Next’

May 4, 2020

In a three-part series, the UCI Forum addresses the medical, public policy and business impacts of COVID-19. UCI experts join with business leaders and policymakers for three unique, one-hour virtual forums to discuss COVID-19 repercussions on medicine, research, public policy, business, tourism and manufacturing.

Health and Medical Experts

The COVID-19 pandemic is the single biggest threat to global public health and the economy. The circumstances provide UCI the opportunity to assemble an expert cadre of health professionals, business leaders and policymakers to take a deep dive into the “new normal” currently defined by COVID-19 and what can be expected in its aftermath.

This panel will discuss the current state of health, the continued threat that the pandemic poses to individuals and the community, and navigating the new realities in healthcare (telemedicine, public health, testing, surveillance and contact tracing).

UCI Chancellor Howard Gillman provides opening statements in the following recordings.

Moderator: Steve Goldstein, vice chancellor of health affairs


  • Dean Michael Stamos, School of Medicine
  • Dean Bernadette Boden-Albala, Program in Public Health
  • Chad Lefteris, CEO of UCI Health
  • Dr. Susan Huang, professor of infectious diseases
  • Dr. Shaista Malik, associate vice chancellor for integrative health
  • Andrew Noymer, associate professor of population health & disease prevention

Public Policy

Critical leadership is required for any crisis, but the impacts of COVID-19 go far beyond any challenge experienced by modern policymakers. This event will address the current state of our community through the lens of our elected officials and examine public health within the boundaries of public policy. Panelists will discuss public safety, economic impact, rebuilding of the community, business/manufacturing and education.

Moderator: Dean Bill Maurer, UCI School of Social Sciences


  • Mayor Christina Shea, Irvine
  • Supervisor Don Wagner, Orange County
  • Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris (74th Assembly District)
  • Sen. John Moorlach (37th Senate District)
  • Rep. Lou Correa (46th Congressional District)


What are the ramifications of this new reality for the business community? Technology and innovation have been important factors for some businesses to continue operating, but Orange County is a dynamic ecosystem comprising biotech, healthcare, tourism, higher education and manufacturing. Orange County business leaders will share their insights on what’s being done to combat the challenges to our business community as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moderator: Richard Sudek, Ph.D., chief innovation officer and executive director, UCI Beall Applied Innovation


  • Lucy Dunn, president & CEO, Orange County Business Council
  • Linda DiMario, executive vice president, Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce
  • Joseph Lozowski, president & CEO, Tangram Interiors
  • Bruce DD MacRae, vice president of state government affairs for the western U.S., United Parcel Service