How to flatten OC’s curve once again

July 14, 2020

Major portions of society are continuing to open back up in Orange County, even as some restrictions return amidst surging coronavirus cases in California. In the spring, Orange County managed to flatten the COVID-19 curve and even served as an exemplary model for other areas around the nation. Now, the question is whether Orange County can do the same thing again. In the UCI Podcast, Bernadette Boden-Albala, dean of UCI’s Program in Public Health, argues that Orange County needs to pursue harm reduction by remaining dedicated to the most effective methods of preventing the spread of the virus, while also protecting our own mental health. “We did this already as a community, and we were the model community,” Boden-Albala says. “But we’re tired. We’re fatigued … It’s time to support each other because together we can flatten this curve again.”