June 29, Updates

California digital vaccine records’ QR codes are a feature, not a bug

After accessing their digital COVID-19 vaccination records, some Californians noticed the state-generated reports include QR codes that, when scanned, don’t seem to retrieve any information. But that’s a feature — not a bug — of the 11-day-old verification system, according to the California Department of Public Health.

Expert questions California’s COVID-19 restrictions

The science shows it is no longer necessary for California to have any COVID-19 limitations because of the high rate of vaccinations and low test positivity rate throughout the state. But the infectious disease expert says it’s equally important the state continues efforts to convince hesitant Californians to get the vaccine by using strategies like incentives, compassionate education and word of mouth.

Moderna says it protects against Delta, other variants

Moderna says that its coronavirus vaccine was found in lab experiments to work against emerging variants, including the Delta variant first identified in India.

What you need to know about the Delta variant

As the U.S. passes 600,000 confirmed COVID-19 deaths, there are warnings about a new strain, the Delta variant, taking over. Here are the answers to commonly asked questions.

The latest on vaccination efforts in the US

CDC data shows four states have vaccinated less than half of their adults against COVID-19, just days before the White House’s July 4 goal to inoculate 70% of adults with at least one dose.