June 17, Updates

O.C. cities may extend street closures for outdoor dining

Irvine, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Orange, Fullerton and other towns allowed restaurants to set up tables in parking lots, blocked-off streets and along public sidewalks during the pandemic. The trend may become permanent in some areas.

Newsom leaves door open to reimpose restrictions

In the past, the state set specific criteria that would trigger new restrictions, but no such framework exists after June 15, and the governor was hazy on what might prompt restrictions in the future.

Delta variant is like ‘COVID on steroids,’ expert says

The variant first identified in India is like “COVID on steroids,” according to Andy Slavitt, former White House senior adviser for COVID-19 response. But Dr. Anthony Fauci said the Delta variant is not a threat to vaccinated people.

O.C. continues encouraging COVID-19 trends

Orange County continued its stable coronavirus trends Wednesday, reporting fewer than three dozen new infections and a slight decrease in intensive care unit patients.