April 21 Updates

Facebook Live Event on Homeownership and Renting Challenges

California State Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris’s office is sponsoring a Facebook Live event to discuss challenges being faced by homeowners and renters during COVID-19 and offer resources and solutions. The event is tomorrow, Wednesday, April 22nd, from 5 p.m. – 6 p.m. via Facebook Live. The event will cover how to apply for state and federal benefits, the state’s mortgage relief and forbearance program, and additional resources for how to work with your landlord or mortgage company during the pandemic.

Governor to Announce Tomorrow on Reopening Status

Governor Newsom says he will announce this Wednesday where the state stands on the six key categories needed for reopening the economy amid the coronavirus.

Disney Chairman Bob Iger Talks about Obstacles to Getting People Back to Work

After being named to California’s COVID-19 Business Recovery Task Force, The Walt Disney Company Executive Chairman Bob Iger spoke with KABC about what he feels will need to be done as public conversation begins to shift to when and how non-essential businesses can reopen.

Cal State Fullerton to Remain Remote in the Fall

Cal State Fullerton officials announced plans to start the fall semester with virtual classrooms and to gradually ease restrictions if it is safe to do so due to the uncertainties about the coronavirus pandemic.

Federal Aid for Orange County Universities

Three state universities serving Orange County will get nearly $120 million in federal aid and local community colleges will get about $48 million via the recent Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Half of the funds will be used for student aid and half for coronavirus-related needs such as distance learning tools.

President Trump to Suspend Immigration to US

In a bid to save American’s jobs amid the pandemic, President Trump announced that he plans to sign an executive order that will temporarily suspend immigration into the United States.

Facebook Banning Posts and Groups Promoting Anti-Lockdown Protests

Facebook announced it was banning all posts and groups that promote anti-lockdown protests that do not comply with the government health directives. Organizers of these events and protests seek to recruit new members on social media, something Facebook is working against.

Cross-Sector Partnerships to Support Distance Learning in California

Governor Newsom announced new cross-sector partnerships to support distance learning efforts and help bridge the digital divide across the state. Companies, business leaders, and philanthropists are set to provide internet access for thousands of households, Chromebooks, and tablets for over 70,000 students.

Laguna Hills Inn Will Officially House Homeless People

Yesterday, a judge ruled that Orange County can use the Laguna Hills Inn to temporarily house homeless people that are over the age of 65, have underlying health conditions, are showing symptoms of coronavirus or have tested positive. This ruling comes after the city of Laguna Hills filed a lawsuit against the hotel’s owner in an attempt to block the effort.

Facebook Maps Coronavirus Symptoms Across the US

Facebook has partnered with researchers at Carnegie Mellon University to help predict coronavirus activity across the US. The map shows county-level data on those that have symptoms, not confirmed cases of COVID-19.