April 17 Updates

WHO Sets 6 Conditions For Ending A Coronavirus Lockdown

The WHO has released a list of criteria necessary for a nation to transition toward a sustainable state of low or no transmission.

California governor expects $7 billion in virus spending

California lawmakers will hold their first oversight hearing to examine how Governor Gavin Newsom has spent more than $2 billion in taxpayer money in just one month to combat the coronavirus crisis.

SoCal Nurses Suspended

Several Southern California nurses were suspended after they refused to enter coronavirus patient’s rooms without N95 respirator masks, the National Nurses Union said this week.

CA may have its First All Mail Election

California is headed toward its first all-mail statewide election in November to protect voters and precinct workers from the coronavirus. All-mail elections are likely to become the “new normal” for California even after COVID-19.

New Guidelines for States Aimed at Reopening

President Trump unveiled new guidelines for states looking to lift coronavirus restrictions. During a phone call with all 50 governors, a three-phase approach to gradually bring back parts of public life was outlined. Some states that don’t have a lot of cases, like Montana and North Dakota, could reopen soon.

Orange County Government Expects to Receive $540 Million From Feds

Officials estimate that the Orange County government will get at least $540 million in federal stimulus money to support its COVID-19 response. The first part of the installment may come as early as next week and comes as part of the CARES Act.

Gilead Sciences Data Finds Remdesivir Effective in Treating Coronavirus

According to a new report, very ill coronavirus patients that are treated with Remdesivir are showing promising and quick results. At one clinical trial site at the University of Chicago Medical Center, most patients went home in as little as six days after being treated with the medication.

FDA Approves At-Home Swab for Coronavirus Testing

People might be able to self-test for coronavirus using a newly designed Q-tip-style swab. The US Food and Drug Administration worked with US Cotton to design the swabs, which are much shorter than the swabs used by technicians. These at-home tests could ultimately limit exposure of the virus to those on the frontlines.

Governor Newsom Announces Additional Protection for Food Sector Workers

In an executive order issued yesterday, Governor Newsom announced that food sector workers such as grocery store, fast food chain and delivery driver workers will get two weeks of supplemental paid sick leave if subject to quarantine or isolation. The order also increases the health and safety standards at food facilities, permitting workers to wash their hands every 30 minutes, or as needed, to protect consumers.